Annual Donor Drive

The annual Donor Drive is Chaparral’s single biggest fundraiser of the year, bringing in more than 60% of our annual operating budget. Our drive continues to be more crucial than ever. Salaries of our specialists, instructional aides, and campus supervisors which make up a majority of our spend have been increasing every year. It is critical that our PFC raises over $325,000 to pay for the following programs and more:
  • Salaries and supplies for Chaparral’s art, music, and physical education programs
  • Field trips and special assemblies
  • Library resources, including books, and a percentage of the Media Clerk’s salary
  • Teacher allotments to spend on classroom supplies and projects
  • Online resources, educational software, and print publications
  • Salaries of campus supervisors to ensure safety of children during non-class hours
  • Salaries of instructional assistants who assist teachers in the classroom
  • School site improvements
  • iPads, laptops and desktop computers in every classroom

Our donor levels with corresponding benefits are listed below. Please note: The amounts are per student for families with multiple children (for example, for a family with two students, Blue Level is $500 x 2 = $1000). All donors, regardless of the amount donated, will receive a car magnet and Chaparral Facebook/Website recognition.




Car Magnet, Chaparral Facebook/Website Recognition, Homework Pass for grades 1-5, Chaparral Book Fair Coupon for J/K
Blue Level benefits + Movie Night Recognition
Silver Level benefits + $50 Cub Wear Gift Certificate (per child)
Gold Level benefits + 2 Fall Festival unlimited ride wristbands or 2 VIP Variety Show tickets (per child)

*Families with multiple children reaching the Blue Level or above will receive two car magnets.

Credit Card payments can be made through our online payment system, Please click here for information on how to create your account. We also accept Cash and Checks. Please make checks payable to Chaparral PFC.

Please remember that many employers have matching funds programs, and will match your donation with an equal donation, which doubles the size of your gift at no cost to you. Please ask your employer if they have such a program. All you need to do is provide us with the application and we will complete and submit all necessary paperwork.

Your donation is tax-deductible (Tax ID #23-7334265). Please email with any questions.

We appreciate your support!