Morning Traffic Reminders

  • Please be courteous to our neighbors and do not block their driveways or move their trash cans to accommodate your car.
  • Please do NOT jaywalk, especially near the morning drop-off line – this creates a safety hazard for pedestrians and drivers, and disrupts the flow of traffic.
  • Please do not enter the parking lot for any reason. Students may NOT be dropped off in the parking lot.
  • Please take advantage of our morning drop-off line which is available from 7:30-8:00 am for students in grades 1-5 ONLY. (No J/K student should be dropped off, even with a sibling.) Parent volunteers open the car doors and help students with backpacks as necessary.  To help keep the traffic moving as efficiently as possible:
    • Pull all the way forward to the next available volunteer – watch for their cues
    • If all volunteers are busy opening doors, take a deep breath and count to ten – you will soon be able to pull forward
    • Do not let your child out without a volunteer, or you will create a traffic jam
    • Do not drop off anyone on the driver side and do not plan to remove anything from the trunk