Community Fundraising

Help raise money for our kids’ education by making your dollars count for Chaparral in these easy ways:


Chaparral receives between 4%-15% of eligible purchases when you shop on Amazon by simply using the following link each time you shop! You can buy almost anything at Amazon including: books, magazines, electronics, computers, tools, home goods, Kindles, Kindle books, on demand movies, Amazon gift cards and even groceries.
Bookmark it on your PC or phone today!

Keep your kids’ stuff out of the lost & found! Nobody wants to spend their time sifting through lost & found bins, so this school year make it easy on yourself (and your nose) and order labels! Head to and use the code CUBS at checkout. 25% is donated back to Chaparral.



Chaparral can earn thousands of dollars every year from the Ralphs Community Rewards program from your everyday Ralphs purchases – that’s 4% back to Chaparral! To register your card and begin earning $$ for Chaparral, simply enroll online.

* If you linked your card to our school last year in September 2017, then your enrollment has rolled over and you do not have to register again this year! You can always log in to your account to ensure you are still linked to Chaparral.

To register and link your card, visit and follow these steps:

1. Click on ‘Create an Account
2. Follow the 5 easy steps that you will be prompted to take to create an online account
3. Once your account has been created, go back to the homepage, click on ‘my account’ then ‘Community Rewards’ on the left hand side of the screen
4. Link your card to Chaparral by searching for our organization by either:
   a. Entering our Organization Number: GP359
   b. Or searching for our school name (CHAPARRAL PFC SCHOOL) and hit ENROLL!

2. You can also call (800) 443-4438 to register!
Ask your friends and family to enroll – it only takes a couple of minutes!

Each year, Chaparral’s PFC collects Box Tops to raise money for our school. It’s an easy way to earn money for Chaparral and requires almost no effort for busy parents!  Last year we raised almost $900 on Box Tops alone – every little bit adds up!

  • BUY – Choose from hundreds of brand-name products in grocery, discount and club stores.  See a complete list of participating products here:
  • CLIP – Clip Box Tops from each package
  • SEND – Send the Box Tops to school in a Ziploc
  • EARN – Chaparral will receive 10¢ for every Box Tops that is returned to school

Look out for Box Tops contests that will take place throughout the school year. Start saving yours today! Download a collection sheet here.


Purchase your Discount Card today for $10 and receive discounts on places like The Six, Cricca’s Deli & Subs, KT Nails, Golden Spoon, Fresh Brothers, Baja Fresh, and many more! Chaparral receives $5 for every card sold and you get to save money through August 2019 – It’s a win-win! Get yours today! For more information, contact Laura Berlant or Emily Stearn at

Every one of Ameci’s pizza boxes is stamped with a green “Ameci Cares About Our Schools” stamp. Each stamp is worth 50 cents! CLIP and SAVE these stamps from your Ameci pizza boxe(es) and turn them in to the PFC office.

Office Depot gives 5% of qualifying purchases back to Chaparral! Simply download and print out this wallet card or you can give them our NPO# at checkout: 70006355


Join us at local restaurants every month for a fun dinner night with your family and/or friends, and each restaurant will donate proceeds to our school from that evening. (Proceeds vary between 10% – 30% depending on the location.) It’s a monthly event, an easy dinner, and “free” money for Chaparral!