Community Fundraising

Now that we’ve crossed the finish line on this school year, please don’t forget about some great opportunities to keep our fundraising going strong all summer long.

Label stuff with

Keep your kids’ stuff out of the lost & found! Nobody wants to spend their time sifting through lost & found bins, so this summer make it easy on yourself (and your nose) and order labels! Head to and use the code CUBS at checkout. 25% is donated back to Chaparral.

Tuesdays are Chaparral day at Cricca’s Deli & Subs

Going to the beach? Get a sandwich! Headed to the park? Get a sandwich! Morning hike? Get a sandwich! Sitting on the couch because it’s too hot to move? Get a sandwich! Every Tuesday during the summer starting June 19, Cricca’s will give 15% back! No flyer needed, just mention Chaparral.

Box Tops for Education

Don’t think we forgot about the Box Tops. We will never forget about the Box Tops – and you shouldn’t either! Good things come in small packages and these little guys make a huge impact. Chaparral earns 10 cents for each Box Top we turn in – it doesn’t get any easier. There may or may not be a prize in store for whomever submits the most Box Tops at the beginning of the year . . . so keep clipping! Download a summer collection sheet here.


Support Chaparral through sponsorship!

If you or someone you know is interested in advertising your business to our school community for the 2018-2019 school year, please contact Sponsorship Chair Kim Becker for more information. Opportunities include:

  • Fence Banners
  • Digital Cub Corner ads
  • Printed Back-to-School Resource Guide
  • Digital School Directory
  • School Events (Movie Night, Fall Festival, Online Auction, Variety Show)

Support our school while you help promote your business. It’s a win-win for everyone!

That’s a Wrap! 2018 Variety Show blast to the ’80s a huge success

Chaparral Variety Show “We Love the 80s!” was an absolute success, combining fun music, great performances, and hilarious skits, with record-breaking participation. A huge THANK YOU to returning Chair Chrissie Hand for her creative vision, selfless dedication, and hours of hard work over the past six months. Special thanks to Meredith Sesser, Patty Harms, Lauren Freedman and the entire Variety Show Committee for their tireless work in all aspects of the show. The show was such a great experience for the kids, and everyone enjoyed watching them shine on stage. Thank you to our families and community for coming out and supporting the longest running tradition at Chaparral. And that’s a wrap!

11th Annual Online Auction a Huge Success

11th Annual Online Auction a Huge Success

by Auction Chair, Carrie Slatoff

Wow, another year and another amazingly successful auction! We raised $94,000… all of which will go to fund specialist (Art, Music, and PE) salaries and supplies, classroom supplies, furniture and technology upgrades, instructional assistants, and campus supervisors for the remainder of this school year.  This success would not have been possible without the amazing committee of volunteers who dedicated so much of their time and energy.

  • I would like to thank my “walkers”, the people who pound the pavement with targeted local lists asking restaurants, stores, and other businesses for donations:  Michelle Freedman, Susan Ng, Roza Woods, Sherry Shirk, Dayana Kling, Erica Salisbury, Grace Fisher, Melyssa Peters, Minoo Rostami, and The Kim Burns.
  • A big THANK YOU to my “inputters”, the people who dedicate months of their time entering items into the Bidding for Good online catalogue: Allyson Watson, Jessica Nedick, Kelly Greene, Lisa Dumke, Laura Berlant, Sherry Shirk, and Shirra Hever.
  • Thank you, Lisa Opolion, for taking care of email solicitations.
  • Those amazing camp items would not be there if it weren’t for the awesomeness of Stacy Dishlip and Sherry Shirk – thank you!
  • Thank you to April Baer and Sara Traband who helped with everything digital from logo and flyer design to laying out the Acorn ad.
  • To those who have helped with fulfillment and shipping, you have my unending appreciation: CarolAnn Braun, Stacy Dishlip, Kelly Greene, Roza Woods, Ann Park, Jason Weilert, Jessica Nedick and Allyson Watson.
  • Special thank you to Allyson Watson who was not only the MOST AMAZING “party coordinator”, but also pretty much my co-chair, devoting the majority of her time since September working with me on this fundraiser. Thank you for being my “partner in crime.”  I could not have tackled this without you.
  • Special thank you also to Jessica Nedick, the ultimate master of the auction. A million thanks for taking over the marketing aspect of this auction, and assisting with all the nuances of this job.
  • I would also like to thank all the Chaparral parents who donated items from their own businesses and those who solicited items…your contributions are much appreciated.
  • I would like to thank the Chaparral teachers, specialists, and Principal Brazell for donating their time and creativity to provide Chaparral students with fun and memorable experiences.
  • Thank you so much to Donna Welti and Brenda Shearer in the Main Office for fielding all those auction letters, packages, and phone calls.
  • Finally, thank you to all of our bidders!!  Click here for information on when to pick up items.

2018 Bookmark Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Bookmark Contest winners. We received many creative submissions, and we are very proud of all our enthusiastic Cub readers. Thank you for taking us on your reading adventures. The list of contest winners is as follows:

Journeys – Ms. Regina
Mira Greer
Tyler York

Taura Freyer – Ms. Gerber
Aarna Jhawer – Ms. Gourley

First Grade
Vivienne Kasdorf – Mrs. Lampert
Daniel Shin – Mrs. Baldwin

Second Grade
Jemma Jaffe – Ms. Fitzner
Michaela Rawlins – Ms. Fitzner

Third Grade
Emily Bamford – Mr. Larkin
Micah Wegman – Mrs. Yollis

Fourth Grade
Taylor Credle – Mrs. Argyropoulos
Siya Porwal – Ms. Stevenson

Fifth Grade
Anya Ahuja – Mrs. Costantino
Nola Ross – Mrs. Napier

PFC Seeking Communication Volunteers

PFC Seeking Communication Volunteers

The PFC is looking for parents with graphic design, communication and/or digital marketing experience to help support our communications efforts for next year. Important communications throughout the year include the digital Cub Corner and promotional materials for PFC events. Knowledge of graphic design using Adobe Creative Suite, digital marketing with Constant Contact, writing or editing is helpful.

Responsibilities can be divided among individuals, so if you have one or more of these skills to contribute, please contact Jason Weilert.

Digital Directory Update

Digital Directory Update

The sponsors section of our Digital Directory is now live! Thank you to the following sponsors, who also happen to be fellow parents at Chaparral: Earth Car Wash, Luxe RV and Traci Bregman, Realtor. We appreciate your additional support!

Volunteers Make Fall Festival a Huge Success

Volunteers Make Fall Festival a Huge Success

by Fall Festival Chair, Meredith Sesser

This year’s Fall Festival was one of Chaparral’s biggest carnivals yet. Despite the heat, everyone had such a good time that no one wanted to leave! The rides were a big hit and so was In ‘N’ Out Burger, with the line never ending. The support of so many parent volunteers was crucial to making this event a success. A special thank you goes to the following: Carrie Slatoff and Suzy Cooper for an amazing job on our auction baskets; Noelle Mogush for securing cake donations for our cake walk; Lauren Freedman, Miranda Fitzgerald and Dee Dee Frank for their hours of commitment to the carnival; Sara Traband for all of the marketing materials for the event; Kim Becker for arranging the sponsors for the festival; Aimi Datz for making the hair and makeup salon a huge success! Thank you to the many additional volunteers who ran game booths, set up, cleaned up and helped in countless ways to make the day fun for all. Lastly, thank you to the PFC for all of your tireless hours spent selling tickets so that we could raise money for Chaparral.

Show your appreciation with Staff Cub Kudos

Show your appreciation with Staff Cub Kudos

Our school parent Vision Committee has developed a Staff Cub Kudos. This is an easy way to give affirmations to Chaparral staff and to let them know how much they are appreciated. Staff Cub Kudos forms can be found in the office and in teachers classrooms. Encourage your child to write notes to express their appreciation.