Chaparral PFC Online Auction

This is generally our second biggest fundraiser of the year, and we are having to get creative this year!! We need your help! The success of our auction is directly correlated to the strength of our donations! How can you help?

Request a donation from your local vendors 
While you are out shopping, please ask your favorite vendors who are open in person or online for a donation. Click here for an ask form.

In return for their generous donation they will receive the following acknowledgements:

  1. Direct link to their website through their graphic or image via our online auction site.
  2. A full-page “Thank You” Ad in The Acorn, the PFC website and Cub Corner. Deadline to be included in this ad is March 1st.

Offer A Donation from your own business
Chaparral family businesses are a valuable part of our community. Gain exposure to our community through donating to the auction.

Re-Gift Those Gift Cards
Do you have any gift cards that you received from the holidays to a restaurant or store that you won’t use? Consider donating a few of those gift cards to the auction. They are an easy way to donate, and really add up!

Donation pick up coordination can be organized with the Auction Chairs, Etalia Gold (818) 216-4234 and Ashley Turek Download the Auction Donor Form, although many businesses don’t require it. You can always ask for a donation and follow up with the form later, if necessary.

*We are a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible*