Tips for Drop-off

1- Please have students sitting on the passenger side of the car. If students have to climb over siblings and other items it slows down our drop-off line.
2- Parents cannot get out of the car.
3- ONLY students in TK/Kindergarten, 1st grade, and Ms. Tulbure’s class (and their siblings) may use the main parking lot. Your signs really help- please make sure you have one we can easily read.
4- Please do NOT drive around cars. Please be patient and wait to move forward.
5- Please drive s.l.o.w.l.y while in the parking lot and refrain from using your cell phone while driving.
6- Please do not wait to watch your child walk to class. It slows down the drop-off line. Staff will make sure all students get to class safely.
7- Parents do not stop cars in the crosswalk. The crossing guard cannot cross students if ANY part of a car is within the crosswalk lines. This can definitely slow down arrival.