Procedures Review

Procedures Review
Here are some reminders and suggestions to help us in the process:

  • Walkers should only be families who live close enough to Chaparral to walk to school.
  • Please have all passengers in the cars wearing masks before you drive up to the car line. We want all of our wonderful parent volunteers and staff safe.
  • Parents driving off Mulholland should turn right at the gas station and left on Liberty Bell Rd. This map will give you options to avoid the crowded roundabout traffic circle where at the same time, AC Stelle is also arriving at school. 
  • Click Here to View the Route
  • Revisions have been made to the Arrival and Dismissal Procedures. Click Here for Revised Arrival/Dismissal Procedures 8/20/21
  • For Grades TK/K, 1, and Tulbure’s Class please remember to print out this Sign Template or make your own for easier drop-off. Click Here for K, 1, Tulbure’s Class Car Dash Signs