Measure S Update

Measure S – UPDATE

Coming up on November 8, 2022. Measure S will be on the ballot. Measure S will provide LVUSD with the resources to repair our over 170 leaky roofs, aging plumbing/sewer lines, and out-of-date electrical systems. Additionally, the Measure will allow LVUSD to replace 60+ year-old HVAC systems across the school district. The Bond will provide opportunities to modernize our electrical system and install solar to lessen our environmental impact. School districts do not receive any direct funding for facility improvement efforts, but we are eligible for matching funds for existing bond measures allowing us to extend the community’s investment. Measure S simply extends the existing Measure R tax rates from 1997, so there is no net tax increase for passing this bond measure. The entire Measure, if passed, would be overseen by an independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee to ensure local control of the funds.