PFC Online Auction: We Need Your Auction Items!

Let’s party like it 2019! Grab some friends and host a party for Chaparral!

The 2019 Chaparral PFC Online Auction is just SIX weeks away! This is our second biggest fundraiser and last year hosted parties brought in $20,000!

A hosted party is an event planned by a group of Chaparral parents. The details; theme, date, and number of attendees are up to you. Parties can be for kids or adults. Popular themes for kids are swimming, bowling, game truck, beach and park playdates. Popular themes for adults are mom or dads nights out and parent theme parties. Start planning now and e-mail your party details or questions to

We’re also still collecting regular donation items such as restaurant and retail store gift certificates. Get the donation form here.

The success of our auction depends on all of us! For more auction info, visit our Online Auction FAQ.