J/K & New Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. My child will be entering Journeys or Kindergarten in the Fall. What do I need to do?
Q. Is there any sort of after school program?
Q. Where do I park?
Q. Do I have to sign in at the main office when going onto the school campus?
Q. Do I need to send a change of clothes to school?
Q. Can I pack nuts in my child's lunch?
Q. What happens if my child attends the Boys & Girls Kinder Club?
Q. How can I volunteer in the classroom?
Q. What does a Room Parent do?
Q. What are centers?
Q. What should I know about the Library?
Q. How do I buy Cubwear?
Q. What is the PFC?
Q. How do I get involved with the PFC?
Q. What if I can’t attend the PFC meetings?
Q. How can I plan ahead for school-hour events?
Q. How can I best communicate with my child’s teacher?
Q. Do kindergarten parents attend Wednesday assemblies?
Q. What is the drop-off line?