TK/Kinder & New Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. My child will be entering TK or Kindergarten in the Fall. What do I need to do?
A. Registration for TK/Kindergarten students for each upcoming school year usually begins in early February.
Contact the school office for more information. Want to visit the school? Please call the school office to sign-up for a tour.
Q. Is there any sort of after school program?
A. The Dr. Richard Grossman Boys & Girls Club on campus runs a Kinder Club after school. You must be registered.  Any questions, contact the Club at (818) 224-3097 or for further information.
Q. Where do I park?
A. Both parking lots are reserved for teachers, staff and visitors. Parking is available on Liberty Bell Rd, Magna Carta Rd. and Bonhomme Rd. Please use the Crosswalks! There is high congestion, -especially in the morning – and jaywalking is dangerous. There are also motorcycle police officers that patrol the streets to keep us safe…and give tickets!
Q. Do I have to sign in at the main office when going onto the school campus?
A. If you are at the school for anything other than drop-off and pick up, you must sign in at the front office and pick up a badge. In case of emergency, the front office needs an accurate account of all adults on campus. The children are also taught that adults with badges are safe.
Q. Do I need to send a change of clothes to school?
A. The teachers request that a change of clothes, including socks, are sent to school inside a ziplock.  Please make sure all clothing is labeled.
Q. Can I pack nuts in my child's lunch?
A. We ask that you do not send nuts to school.
Q. What happens if my child attends the Boys & Girls Kinder Club?
A. The staff at Boys and Girls will collect all members of the Kinder Club at each classroom and escort them down to the Boys & Girls Club on the lower yard. You may pick up your child at the Boys & Girls Club trailer, located on the lower yard.
Q. How can I volunteer in the classroom?
A. Each teacher has her/his own preference but the primary ways to volunteer in kindergarten can include:

  • Room Parent
  • Centers
  • Library
  • In-class special events (e.g. holiday projects)
Q. What does a Room Parent do?
A. Each classroom will have 2 Room Parents. They will be your liaison for important day-to-day information the teacher wants you to know.  They organize Volunteer Sign Up sheets for various activities throughout the year. They ask for (voluntary) contributions towards class parties and in-class events.
Q. What are centers?
A. Beginning in October, the kindergarten classroom is broken up into table groups called “Centers” on most mornings. Parent volunteers help run these groups. The volunteer time runs approximately an hour and a half. After the start of the school year, your teacher will coordinate a volunteer schedule for those parents who would like to help during Centers.
Q. What should I know about the Library?
A. The library is located on the upper yard. From the office, take the stairs near the MPR up and make a left at the top. The school has a library clerk, but parent volunteers assist during classroom visits. Volunteer schedules are made shortly after the start of the school year.
Q. How do I buy Cubwear?
A. Cubwear is sold at several school events throughout the year. A message always goes out ahead of time so you know when it will be available.
Q. What is the PFC?
A. The Chaparral Parent Faculty Club is made up of parents, teachers and staff committed to enriching our children’s educational environment. There is no “official membership”. Through fundraising, the PFC provides our teachers with the additional resources and tools they need in order to provide the highest quality educational experience to every student across every grade. Click here for more information on the PFC.
Q. How do I get involved with the PFC?
A. Start by attending the monthly meetings, regularly scheduled on the 1st Wednesday of each month. These meetings form the foundation of our community by providing an opportunity to learn about and discuss upcoming events, introduce new ideas and interact with our principal and teachers. Please check the Events Calendar to confirm the date, as they do change on occasion due to holidays. Whether you have a little time or a lot, whether you can help from behind a desk or on campus, whether you’re a mom, dad or community member…we have something for everyone. Contact us or just stop by the PFC Office – we look forward to hearing from you!
Q. What if I can’t attend the PFC meetings?
A. Meeting Minutes are posted on this website on the About page.
Q. How can I plan ahead for school-hour events?
A. Your room parent will keep you informed of all activities, but to help you schedule in advance, please consult our Calendar under the “Events” tab on this site. Kindergarten special events include the Halloween Concert and Holiday Parties.
Q. How can I best communicate with my child’s teacher?
A. Each teacher is different and will let you know.
Q. What is the drop-off line?
A. Beginning in the 1st grade, parents can use the drop-off line instead of walking their kids onto campus. It is manned by parent volunteers, and the schedule is organized by 1st-5th grade Room Parents. It begins at the corner of Liberty Bell and Magna Carta Road.