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Q. My child will be starting at Chaparral in the Fall. What do I need to do?
Q. Is there an on-site after-school program available?
Q. My child forgot his lunch, backpack, homework, etc.
Q. What is the PFC?
Q. What is “Donor Drive” and why is it so important?
Q. Why are Wednesdays short days? Why aren’t they called Minimum Days?
Q. What is the book bin in the middle level parking lot?
Q. My child needs medication. Who administers it?
Q. My child has allergies. What do I do?
Q. Why can’t I get my teacher assignment before registration?
Q. Can my child buy a school lunch?
Q. What is a Room Parent and how do I become one?
Q. What is the Morning Drop-Off line?
Q. Where is Lost and Found?
Q. What is a Staff Kudo? And how do I send one?
Q. What is the Chaparral Dress Code?