Are you new to the school? Click here for our “New Parents” FAQ
Q. My child will be starting at Chaparral in the Fall. What do I need to do?
A. Registration for each upcoming school year usually begins in early February.
Contact the school office for more information.
Want to visit the school? Please call the school office to sign-up for a tour.
Q. Is there an on-site after-school program available?
A. The Dr. Richard Grossman Club is on-site and run through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley. For more information, visit bgcconejo.org or contact the Club at (818) 224-3097 or clubchap@bgcconejo.org for further information.
Q. My child forgot his lunch, backpack, homework, etc.
A. If your child forgets something, please bring the item – marked with your child’s name and teacher’s name – to the main office and put it in one of the dark blue cubby boxes along the wall. Please do not go directly to your child’s backpack or classroom to deliver forgotten items. For everyone’s safety, we need your help in cooperating with this procedure.
Q. What is the PFC?
A. PFC stands for Parent Faculty Club. There is no membership fee and everyone is welcome. There are many ways for parents to be involved in the school (through classroom volunteering, special events, and fundraising), and the PFC helps to coordinate all these endeavors and more! Within the PFC, there are Executive Board and Event Coordinator positions (all held by volunteers). The PFC funds many technology purchases and capital improvements as well as field trips, assemblies, and art, music and PE classes.
PFC meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of each month at 8:15am in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room). All parents are encouraged to attend whenever they can. Meetings typically include an overview of past and upcoming events as well as a report from the principal on school events and developments.
Please go to the About section of this website for more information about the PFC.
Q. What is “Donor Drive” and why is it so important?
A. Donor Drive is the PFC’s biggest fundraiser, generating half of the needed funds for the entire school year. 100% of the money donated goes directly to our school. Click here for more details on Donor Drive and how it benefits your child.
Q. Why are Wednesdays short days? Why aren’t they called Minimum Days?
A. Wednesdays are school “banking” days. Teachers spend the remainder of the day meeting by grade level to collaborate and develop standards based curriculum.
Q. What is the book bin in the middle level parking lot?
A. Chaparral is recycling books! The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools has partnered with American Book Drive (ABD) to recycle books that are no longer useful to our students or staff. The collection bin at Chaparral is located in the middle level parking lot. For more information or questions about this program, please contact Tina Johnson at tjohnson@lvusd.org.
Q. My child needs medication. Who administers it?
A. All medication, prescription or not, is managed by our Health Care Technician, Mrs. Christl in the Health Office. You must have your pediatrician complete a form in order for the school to administer any medication. The form is available from Mrs. Christl or on the school website.
Q. My child has allergies. What do I do?
A. Contact Mrs. Christl, our Health Care Technician, and she will brief you on school procedure and what forms need to be filled out.
Q. Why can’t I get my teacher assignment before registration?
A. Class assignments change throughout the summer due to late enrollments or changes in class sizes, so to ensure the most accurate information is provided to families, the administration provides teacher assignments on registration day.
Q. Can my child buy a school lunch?
A. Pre-prepared food is delivered to the school daily and is available for purchase. A printable monthly menu is on the Chaparral website. A lunch account must be set up online via www.paypams.com. We encourage all parents to put some money in their child’s account for emergencies (such as forgotten lunches). There also is a reduced or free meal program available to qualifying families. This is 100% confidential and you are encouraged to apply by going to the LVUSD website and filling out the application form which can be downloaded here.
Q. What is a Room Parent and how do I become one?
A. Room parents are the primary liaison between the teacher, class parents, and the PFC. Primary responsibilities include forwarding PFC Emails to your class, participating in and staffing your assigned weeks of Traffic Duty, working with your teacher to organize classroom parties and special projects and assisting with Staff Appreciation Week. Room Parent Volunteer forms are included among the registration paperwork, and the positions are assigned shortly after registration is completed in August.
Q. What is the Morning Drop-Off line?
A. Every morning, Chaparral offers a curbside drop-off option for students in grades 1-5 only (J/K students must be walked in to school.) Grade 1-5 classes take turns staffing this line with parent volunteers. Cars pull up along the curb and volunteers help students get out on the curbside so parents do not have to park and walk their children into school. Please remember to pull all the way forward when using the drop-off line so that the maximum amount of cars can be assisted at one time. Also, please remember to be courteous and patient. Never make a U-turn from or near the drop-off line!
Q. Where is Lost and Found?
A. Lost and Found items are placed in a bin outside the door of the main office or in the bin located on the lower yard outside of the Boys & Girls Club office. The bins are emptied every other week. Unclaimed items are donated to charity.
Q. What is a Staff Kudo? And how do I send one?
A. The Cub Kudos program is well known and well loved at Chaparral. Cub Kudos acknowledge character traits and recognize students for their efforts to exemplify and act on these traits. Now we are doing the same for all the STAFF members! (This includes teachers, aides, specialists, custodial staff, and so on.) Fill out a Staff Kudos form and then you or your child can place it in a Staff Kudos box in any classroom or in the main office. This is an ongoing program.
Q. What is the Chaparral Dress Code?
A. Click here to download details about the Chaparral dress code.